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After an Honorable Discharge from the US Navy Jim went on to earn an AA Zoology and a BS in Zoology (San Diego State University) emphasizing Herpetology. After various jobs including research assistant, a stint in county agriculture, veterinary animal tech, and museum curatorial assistant, he began a 23-year career as a high school biology teacher. Taking an early retirement to return to museum work Jim now works as a Field Entomologist at the San Diego Natural History Museum. The museum's mission is to study and understand southwest US natural history including the Baja California Peninsula. Jim has been traveling and photographing the peninsula for about 29 years. His study interest is in the arthropods of the of the region especially the spider fauna and, lately, the membracid treehoppers.

The steed is Ulzana, who he uses to get into some of the back coutry of northern Baja California. Ulzana is kept at Rancho La Bellota, a guest ranch near the Valle de Guadalupe wine country ( The photo was taken by his wife, Robyn M. Garcia (