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Jenifer Mask(non-registered)
This website is truly amazing according to my understanding. I love visiting these kinds of platform.
Joey Froze(non-registered)
I love your portfolio Baj! Keep it up :)

I have come across all of the pictures uploaded here from the gallery. And i must tell you these are the most amazing pictures so far i have ever seen. I work with blogs by writing articles and blogs. all your pictures inspires me.
Oh I never thought such varieties of spiders exist in this world. All clicks seems to be perfect and I can keep this as a reference . Nature photography is interesting once we start to love it.
Well from the looks of your pictures, it is a clear fact that what other factors were missing in the portfolios of other photographers that I had come to me for a job. I will have to hand it out to you on your hard work and innovative snaps.
Lance Cole(non-registered)
Great photos. I have been looking for this kind of information as my wife and I have recently made a partial move from La Paz to a small house in the Sierra Cacachila, near La Huerta. Muchas gracias.
Jim Rakowski(non-registered)
Great spder and insect shots. A whole new world down there.
John Hopper(non-registered)
Thanks again for the very informative talk on insects, tonight.
Look forward to hiking with you on the bug walks.
Patty Raymond(non-registered)
Beautiful photographic detail!
Karen Higdon(non-registered)
Beautiful work, Jim. Didn't know how breathtaking (in a good way) spiders can be!
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